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Welcome to Vision Quest Chiropractic and Massage – Edmonds

Chiropractor in Seattle Dr. Erwin Gemmer, DC

Dr. Erwin Gemmer, DC

One of the fastest growing areas of health care is whole body wellness. More than simply maintenance or prevention, Dr. Erwin Gemmer helps those who want to be all that they can be. When patients add regular chiropractic care into their routine, many see vast improvements in strength, flexibility and agility.

Edmonds: The Best Kept Secret

Edmonds isn’t just where we provide chiropractic care—it’s where we live!

When contemplating where we wanted to practice, the most important thing was finding somewhere we felt a strong connection to the community. That’s why we chose Edmonds.

We love the fact that everyone knows each other and there is a homey, small town feel. There’s nothing like getting up every morning to serve in a town that feels like you’ve known everyone for a lifetime.

It’s the best-kept secret in the Seattle area.

The Edmonds Chiropractic Team is Deeply Committed to Wellness

Our Edmonds chiropractor is eager to help you and your family! Please call Vision Quest Chiropractic and Massage today at (425) 563-6893 so I can meet and discuss your health issues and goals. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Jessica’s Success Story

About a month ago, I came to see Dr. Gemmer for my complimentary wellness exam. I told him about the frequent headaches, low back/hip pain, and leg pains that I was experiencing. He found some points of interest in my neck and my lower back, and I started coming in regularly for chiropractic adjustments. Since starting care 3 weeks ago, my headaches are gone; my neck stiffness has already decreased about 25%, and I also no longer have radiating pain into my thigh/s. I look forward to seeing more changes as I continue my care plan. Thank you, Vision Quest Chiropractic, for helping me feel so much better!

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